Friday, November 27, 2020

Points to Note Before Betting on Hot Predictions

 Expert-made predictions of games are in huge demand nowadays all over the world. 

Bettors are always on the lookout for tips that help us to become more profitable.

Most of the time, bettors fall for the wrong predictions due to the fear of missing out induced by the so-called experts and tipsters on the many shoddy platforms out there.

It is not always the fault of bettors that they fall into the wrong hands though. 

Sometimes it’s the pressure to get a quick-cash to meet a pressing personal need and want. 

So, it makes sense to be careful, skeptical, and to avoid sourcing for your betting predictions when under pressure.

And that is why our team of experts present to you the needed points and factors to take note of before jumping on the bandwagon of failures.


Do the predictions labeled hot come with analysis and explanations of how your source arrived at the results? 

Most tipsters or prediction sites out there only base their predictions on how big the teams are or just their performances in their previous matches.

But this is never enough.

It is equally important to take into account the previous meetings and other psychological factors that may determine the outcome of a football match. 

A serious bettor should be on the lookout for hot predictions sites like Xbetpicks who explain in detail, the facts, statistics, and data which influenced their decision to make predictions.

Results of past predictions

A potential bettor who seeks to wager on hot football tips and predictions successfully should devote some time to researching into the results of past predictions of the tipster or football predictions site which he wants to “benefit” from. 

A record of past predictions is a way which a bettor can get to know if the tipster or site truly helps bettors to become profitable or not.


How long have they been existing? Have they proven themselves in the game? 

Those are the questions a bettor should ask because the majority of the “new school tipsters” and prediction sites flooding the betting world right now are mostly preying on predictions of proven sites such as Xbetpicks.

They mostly  tweak and sell what they find on our site to their prospective customers as their products. And that ends up making bettors lose time, money and also drain them emotionally.

Bookmakers affiliate link

Are you an active member of some sports betting communities?

Did you notice the excessive sharing of affiliate links and ads by some other members of the same community?

Call those affiliate-links-sharing guys promoters.

These promoters earn a commission whenever a member of the group joins the betting platform that they are promoting.

While there is nothing bad in this, most of these promoted betting platforms are rippers.

If you notice some claims that look too good to be true in the ads posted in the community, run!

Third-Party Verification 

Do you often stumble upon multiple testimonies on some social media post?

This is most common on Facebook.

You’ll find people commenting how great a bookmaker is on a Facebook sponsored post to created by that betting platform or another betting platform.

You know what? Most of those comments are sponsored as well.

Most of them are not from real customers but from some individuals who have been paid to write fake positive reviews.

And what betting platform does that if not a potential scammer or ripper?


Above are the needed details to be noted by a punter who wants to be successful in the betting world by staking on hot predictions as put together by our team of experts.

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