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2023: APC And PDP Likely To Field Northern Candidates For President

Most people in Nigeria already know that for anyone to even have a remote chance of being president in 2023, that person must be the presidential candidate of either of the two main parties, APC or PDP. All others parties stand no chance at all whatsoever.

While most people in the South believe that power should rotate from North to South after Buhari completes his 8 years in 2023, they may not know that APC and PDP have the exclusive right to zone their Presdential ticket wherever they want.

It is an open secret that Atiku is still nursing his life long ambition to be President of Nigeria and it was recently reported that Atiku's son said that his father is consulting on that matter. Atiku remains by far the biggest heavyweight politician in PDP and is likely to be the party's Presidential candidate come 2023. Atiku is also likely to choose his running mate from the SE/SS area where his party is strongest in the South, and probably an Igbo man, perhaps Peter Obi again.

This will make it impossible for APC to choose anyone from the South to be its presidential candidate as it is well known that the North is not yet ready to give up power to the south. Anyone thinking that a Northerner can like a Southerner more than a fellow Northerner is kidding themselves. It will be political suicide for APC to make either Tinubu or Osinbajo its presidential candidate in 2023 because both men will fail miserably in the SE/SS area as well as in the North against Atiku. This will leave APC with no alternative than to field a Northerner to counter Atiku in the North.