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Oby Ezekwesili Tells Hotel Owner To Sue Governor Wike For Demolition Of His Hotel

Oby Ezekwesili has reacted to the action taken by the Governor of Rivers State, Wike on demolishing hotels with the claim that they broke the lock down order in the state.

She said "Power in the hands of person without self-discipline in the absence of social accountability creates monters in any society. Lord Action will forever be right. Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

"I have seen enough flagrant abuse of power among our political class to know that both they and citizens are enamoured of the unaccountable governance style of the inglorious military era. Such arrogance of power against citizens because of temporary title"

"Democratic ethos, values, principles and nuances totally forbid the kind of action Governor Wike of Rivers took in demolishing a hotel no matter whatever "Executive Order" he travels signed. His action breeds anarchy in society and is condemnable. There is the morning after"

"It is self-discipline that makes one with enormous powers to be restrained in exercising it. Whatever else you do as a young person preparing for Public Leadership in this land, please get self-discipline before whatever 'title' they start calling you to swell your head"

"It is important for the hotel owners in Rivers state to sue the Rivers State Government. Our Democracy cannot continue to be operated in the breach by this half-civilian-half-military mentality. Enough said!".