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#JusticeForJennifer: 18-Year-Old Jennifer Gang-Raped By 5 Boys In Narayi Kaduna

Nigerians are calling for #JusticeForJennifer on social media. Jennifer was gang raped by 5 boys in Narayi, Kaduna. Two of the boys that raped her have been reportedly apprehended while 3 are still at large.

There are reports that the rapists want to pay N30,000 for rape damages.

A Twitter user, Uncle Shemzz @shemang_david shared a video of traumatized 18-year-old Jennifer who hasn't been the same after the gang rape due to the trauma, and other Nigerians have joined him in the call for Justice for Jennifer.

Sharing the video, Uncle Shemzz wrote:

 This is the 18 year old girl that was gang raped weeks back in Narayi.

The rapists haven’t been charged to court and looks like her folks plan to accept payments. No amount can pay for this damage. It’s OUR duty to ensure there’s #JusticeForJennifer