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An Australian Imam Has Accused Nigerian Government Of Sponsoring Terrorism

Imam Tawhid, a popular Australian Muslim Scholar Imam Tawhidi, has alleged that Nigerian Government harbours all forms of terrorist organizations.

Tawhidi is a Muslim influencer, who claims to be a reformist Imam. Some of his teaching is believed to be against Islamic terrorism, he is indeed a good teacher of Islam, who takes his teaching to his Twitter and IG page.

According to Tawhidi, Boko Haram terrorists are allowed to operate with little or no effort to tackle them because of corruption in Nigeria. 

He took to his twitter handle and wrote:

“We have ignored Nigeria in the discussion about terrorism. Nigeria is the most corrupt country in Africa. It is home to a terrorist government that harbours terrorists just like the government of Pakistan. Boko Haram were given the green light in their early stages. We Remember.

Now all of a sudden Nigeria wants to lead the war against terror.

Indeed, “my enemy is also my sword, I shall use him to kill with and then break the sword”.

You can recall that the Nigerian government only send captured terrorists to Rehab and have them re-integrated into the society.