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Thousands Of IDPs Protest Over Food

Thousands of Internally displaced People, IDPs, by Boko Haram violence poured into the streets of the Nigerian city Maiduguri Thursday to vent their anger over food and medicine shortages in their camp. IDPs An AFP reporter witnessed about 4,000 men, women and children from the Gubio camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) block a busy highway in the northeastern city and disrupt traffic.

 The protesters accused camp officials of diverting aid supplies meant for the 33,000 IDPs from eight districts in Borno state sacked by jihadists. “We don’t get the food and medical supplies meant for the camp because they are usually diverted by the camp officials,” Sani Abubakar, one of the protesters, told AFP. 

“We see food consignments brought to the camp being driven away in the same trucks that bring them and we don’t know where they take them,” said 46-year-old Sani, surrounded by a hoard of protesters who nodded in agreement. At least six people died in the camp within a week due to lack of drugs, according to Laraba Buba, another displaced person.