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Shitty Cuz: Five Things You Need To Know About Nipsey Hussle’s Killer

Earlier today we reported that Eric Holder a.k.a Shitty Cuz, has been identified as Nipsey Hussle’s killer following the fatal shooting at the 33-year-old rapper’s clothing store in Los Angeles.

Shitty Cuz who is Nipsey Hussle’s killer is alleged to be a Crip gang member currently at large, and police are seeking the public’s help in finding him. People on social media had identified the suspect earlier in the day as a man who goes by the street name “Shitty Cuz,” and “Fly Mac,” and photos of the suspect, a wannabe rapper, match the man known by those nicknames, including his neck tattoo.

Some facts about Eric Holder named as Nipsey Hussle’s killer has popped up and here are they below;

1. Police Sources Said the Suspect – Whose Social Media Indicates Was Allegedly a Member of the Crips – Was Someone Nipsey Hussle Knew

2. Eric Holder’s Instagram Page Calls Himself a ‘Boss King’ & ‘Cool Young King’

3. ‘Shitty Cuz’ Had a Soundcloud Account That Called Himself ‘Da Great’

4. The Suspect, Eric Holder, Is Accused of ‘Snitching’

5. Crowds Gathered at the Scene of the Shooting to Pay Tribute to Nipsey Hussle

It is also important to note that in recent years, Nipsey had become heavily involved in the community, most recently investing in the new Destination Crenshaw arts project, a 1.3-mile-long “outdoor art and culture experience celebrating Black Los Angeles.” Nipsey was also an investor in Vector90, a professional co-working space in Crenshaw which he described as a “bridge between Silicon Valley and the inner city” that would also include STEM classes. There were plans to open more in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and other underserved neighborhoods all over the country.