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Man Allegedly Caught Molesting 11-year-old Girl Inside Keke Napep

A Nigerian lawyer Ali Fadeela has taken to her Instagram page to expose a man she allegedly caught molesting 11-year-old girl inside Keke Napep.

According to the lady, she noticed the man was making some suspicious movements while she was in the tricycle with him and the young girl. He was later reportedly caught rubbing his hands on the girl's laps.

She confronted him when they alighted from the keke and surprisingly he didn't deny the accusation.

She reported that he started begging and she had to let him go after other people joined in to beg on his behalf.

Read her post:

For the first time in a long time, i remembered why i studied law. my heart is so pained right now. I have always heard about adults sexually assaulting children but today i witness one that the thought of it still lingers and would for a long time.

The cruelty of human beings is crazy. I entered keke today and saw this man whose picture u see, touching an 11 year old girl on school uniform. At first i noticed him adjusting himself every now and then and she had this look of disgust on her face so i observed more and saw this paedophile mistake of a man rubbing his hands on her lap and when she moves he quickly puts his hand back in his pocket.

So i asked her if he was disturbing her and she confirmed it, now i didnt have to because i saw it with my eyes but i wanted to be sure she knew what was being done to her... i dragged him out, tried to drag his sorry ass to the police and he started begging but i am more pained that i couldnt do more.

People gathered and where begging to let him go and for some reason i did but i feel i owed it to the girl and others like her to do more... we are all responsible for the children in this world whether or not we are related by blood or religion or tribe. Every girl child or even adult should know that they have the absolute right over their body.

I saw a scared girl who couldnt raise her voice and i know there are so many out there in her shoes. We should teach our children, sisters, friends, neighbours, wards to always raise an alarm when put in that position. We should be observant of what goes on around us especially where u have children involved.

And though i couldnt do more but we should all endeavour to do more.. keeping quiet is never the answer to abuse... paedophiles are sick heartless creatures and should be treated as such..

p.s. i am sharing the picture of this man because i want any body that sees him to give him a hot slap on behalf of that child and every other child he must have tried to assault. Lets be our brothers keepers..