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Vote Can Only Count When Nigerians Can Vote With Their BVN Or Voter's Card Serial No. Online

I want to call the attention of our leaders and general public to this serious issue. The money been spent on Elections is enough to reduce poverty in Nigeria. Using BVN or Voters Card Serial No. to vote online remains the best option. Let stop fooling ourselves and move a step forward in making our Country great again.

The advantages are listed below: 
1. Nigeria will safe the multi billion naira being spent on elections.
2. No more intimidation of the electorates either by solders, any security personnel or thugs.
3. No more record of lost of lives during the voting.
4. It makes election rigging difficult
5. No more traveling before, during and after election.
. It challenge political holder to be more active and effective as vote buying and rigging will be no more.

We can make Nigeria a better country

- Naira Naija News