Monday, October 01, 2018

Lady Calls Out MTV's VJ Ehiz For Refusing To Sleep With Her, After Doing This

MTV Base’s VJ Ehiz, was reportedly called out by a lady who claimed that he turned her down despite getting drunk for him.

From the DM VJ Ehiz share even though he claimed he was the victim, it was gathered that lady made this disclosure in a convo with her friends in an uber.

Read the exchange below;

This is coming after VJ Ehiz in a chat with Punch, he revealed that he’s single and does not have a girlfriend as he tries not to get emotional with any lady at the moment.

“I am not thinking of marriage now, maybe in the next ten years from now, I would give it a thought. I do not even have a girlfriend, I am single. I can’t lie, women chase me and it has been so even before I got on the television. I don’t mean to brag but I have never lacked the attention of ladies,” he said.

Speaking further, ‘However, I try not to get emotionally involved with them. I love all my female fans but I make sure our relationship is platonic.’
He also confessed that he likes girls of all sizes and shapes, so long as they have a good sense of humour. On his type of woman, he said;

None that I know of. You know a lot of speculations circulate around the media that you date this or that person so that’s why I said none that I know of but I like dark skinned women and a woman who’s got flesh; You know I’m a slim guy laughs. Basically any woman that jokes a lot and makes me laugh is my typical kind of woman.

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