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See The State Of A Restroom At Nigerian High Commission In London

A viral photo shared by Twitter user @asemota, showed the state of a restroom at Nigerian High Commission in London.

The Twitter user who lamented over the state of the restroom, said he now believes ‘our anyhowness’ is genetic. He wrote;

Nigerian High Commmission in London. We take our “Anyhowness” everywhere with us. I now believe that it is genetic.

He also added:

Last week, I woke up in hospital and realized we cannot change Africa in our lifetime. Africa will kill all of us before anything changes. The countries are not really that different. The same problems plague most African countries and they are complex. People are complex.

I left Nigeria because a whole country with millions of people had no lithotripsy machine. In Ghana, a whole country with millions of people have only one interventional radiologist. When he is on vacation…..sorry.

I don’t think we can even begin to fathom the complexity of current problems and how much more complex they are going to become without drastic intervention. We are playing footsie with education and healthcare while our population balloons.

The potential for anarchy is increasing exponentially. Government is becoming more and more irrelevant. They have largely failed. People will wake up one day and realize that they have nothing to lose by getting rid of ineffective governance structures. Tribes will return.

Timely! This is true for us. If you survived adversity in Africa, it should give you insight into saving millions from similar adversity. I want to hate that Africa sucks but…can I save others from sharing my horrible experience?

The photos went viral just after protesters recently stormed the Nigerian high commission in London, to demand that government speed up its effort to rescue Leah Sharibu. Sharibu who was among the 119 students kidnapped from Government Girls Secondary School Dapchi, Yobe state, in February, has refused to deny her Christian faith.