Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Young Man Buys A Brand New Car For His Mum After So Many Years Of Hardship (See Photos)

No condition is ever permanent. Just keep the hustle and bustle real, never lose forcus and never forget to work hard, pray and give praises to the most high God.

The young man surprised his mum with a brand new car after so many years of hardship.

He wrote; 
I’ve seen the kind of poverty I hope many of you never see..
there were days that I didn’t have food to eat; days I would walk for miles because I didn’t have transport fare; days I couldn’t sleep from so much sadness & worry, so much pain and despair; days I wondered how to go on; when my life would turn around.
But you see, in all of this, there was one thing I never failed to do, work hard & then PRAISE Him. And for that, God faced me one day and has since never departed from me.”

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