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Visiting IPOB Members Chased Away By Prison Officials In Owerri. (+Photos)

Family members and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members, who visited the arrested women remanded in Owerri Prisons earlier today, were banned and denied access to the women.

Armoured tanks were mounted at the entrance of the prison gate as the security agents, forced the visitors out.

According to reports, the only people allowed into the prisons for visitation, were those who came to see none IPOB members.

The compelled prison officials reportedly said they have been ordered not to allow visitors for the detained IPOB women.

The Deputy Controller of Prison was quoted as saying; " We have been ordered not to allow visitation of the IPOB Women remanded here. Take the Food back, until further notice".

All food items, drugs, clothes were rejected by the prison officials and taken back home.