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    Thursday, August 23, 2018

    This Young Bitcoin Millionaire Designed A Real-Life Dr. Octopus Suit (!PHOTOS)

    Have you seen the popular movie Spiderman 2? Of course it’s an old movie but the technology we saw in that movie is very futuristic and inspiring.

    Finally a young teenager from Idaho USA who became the youngest Bitcoin millionaire by investing in Bitcoin has brought that technology to reality. He actually created this exoskeleton for a 10-year-old Marvel fanatic who struggles with a condition called hypermobility.

    Popularly known as the “Bitcoin Boy”, Erik Finman, after making an agreement with his parents that he will drop out of school after making a million dollars, he invested in Bitcoin with a $1000 gift he got from his grandmother. Finman currently has a bitcoin value of nearly three million. Nowadays, Finman is an engineer who is residing in Los Angeles, and he’s working on some pretty impressive stuff, including an ongoing collaboration with NASA to launch a satellite.

    Using 3D printing technology and other components, Finman and his “Justice League-like team of engineers” set out to build a wearable suit with four functional tentacles. After Aristou came up with the initial concept himself, the team set out to develop the custom-made Dr. Octopus suit to help the young boy with his hypermobility condition .

    Finman said “I’ve been kind of experimenting with 3-D printing for a long, long time, so I think this was the first time that we really did a serious, serious project with it. But I remember I had this kind of humanoid robot that I built a while back, and then I completely 3-D printed most of that. So, I did have experience, but it think this was the first big one,” Although Finman spearheaded the project, he couldn’t do everything on his own. He enlisted the help of engineers and other like-minded individuals to bring his dream to reality.

    The excited youngster is able to move the tentacles independently or in pairs, activating them with simple hand movements or at the push of a button

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