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The Many Struggles Of Nigerian Men !

A man spends his whole life chasing money, mostly not for his own needs but for that of his immediate family...

The wife works quite alright but there is an unwritten law that says he must provide all her needs because he is a "man", so he saves up and the first car he buys he gives to his wife because "she's a woman, she shouldn't be stressed up" he can still jump buses till he affords to buy another car.

The house rent gets due and he is short of 50k so his wife adds up from her savings and they pay. Two months into the renewal of the rent the wife starts nagging about how she really needs her 50k, there are things she needs to do, most of which are all superfluous. He pays her back her 50k that she contributed to the good of the same family.

His wife isn't very good at driving so he comes home to see she has bashed in the right door of her car. "I'm a little pressed for money dear, I won't be able to fix that anytime soon, do you have some money to spare?" She says she doesn't so the car gets parked for a month or two in which his eardrums were nearly perforated with nagging and complains.

She's pregnant! Yay! the first child is here, it's a girl. That brings it's own responsibilities. The wife's family came to visit to congratulate them and when they leave, another unwritten law says that as a "man" you should give them money for transport

The Man's own family comes too and the same unwritten law is applied.

They get more children and have to move to a bigger house which requires bigger money for rent. And with children expenses don't decrease as they grow older it increases.

One day you wake up and you are 65years old realizing you've done absolutely nothing for yourself as a man but slaved to satisfy others, most of which aren't even grateful for the sacrifice.