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Nigerian Man, Friday Uko Sentenced To Death For Killing His Pregnant Wife Over 1000naira !

A Nigerian man identified as Friday Uko, has been sentenced to death by hanging for killing his pregnant wife, Patience Uko.

The Nigerian who reportedly pushed his 3-month-old pregnant wife, Patience, on the 14th August, 2014, because she took N1000 from his pocket and used it to cook food for their seven children, was handed the death sentence by an Akwa Ibom State High Court, sitting in Ikot Ekpene after Justice Ntong Ntong found him guilty of the crime.

Justice Ntong who stated that the instant death of Patience showed the intention to kill and the force the husband exerted in pushing his wife down, expressed displeasure that a pregnant wife who should have been pampered and cared for by her husband was killed by the same man.

“The accused pushed his wife down having known that she was pregnant and that he ought to know that a pregnant woman ought to be pampered and treated with love and not violence.

“The case is straightforward and that the accused had told the court through his extrajudicial statement that he caused the death of his wife by kicking her because of misunderstanding over N1,000. Anyone who unlawfully kills another is entitled to face the law,” the judge held.

While the convict whose lawyer was not available to defend him pleaded for mercy to enable him go home and take care of his children, the Judge held on to Uko being hanged until he his confirmed dead.