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Nigerian Man Blasts Women Who Are Saying "I Will Not Kneel For My Husband"

 Nigerian man on Twitter identified as Kelvin Odanz took to the micro-blogging platform to blast women who wants to follow the steps of the new bride who avoided kneeling down for her husband during her traditional marriage.

According to the man;
"Nigerian Twitter feminists are the most ignorant about feminism.
They've never read a book on feminism, they know no feminist scholar, they're not involved in feminism outside Twitter.

They watch a Chimamanda video, read skewed threads on Twitter and the madness takes control.
The only benefit men who dated you got from you is sex. Everyone low key knows you're a broken, vile, toxic bundle of filth. No man desires you as a wife.

But you're here shouting "I will not kneel." Get a relationship that lasts 6 months first. Next"