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Nigerian Feminist Narrates Story Of How She Refused To Kneel For Her Husband During Yoruba Traditional Wedding

A Nigerian feminist based in Canada has revealed she didn't kneel down for her husband during their traditional wedding, a thing required by the Yoruba tradition.

According to the lady identified as @Eniolahu on Twitter, she and her husband told the MC to skip that part. She also revealed plans by her sister to prevent the use of a term in her coming wedding.

Read her tweets below for more.

“Speaking of submission, during my Yoruba engagement, my husband and I told the Alagas to not use that word or ask me to kneel for him. Everyone told me it wouldn’t be possible because, culture. But guess whose knees didn’t touch the ground?”
“My sister’s wedding was earlier this week and she also warned against using the term “ile oko” (husband’s house). Everyone is setting their house rules and removing the bs one act at a time. Looking forward to subversive “no wedding” family members lol”