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Ijaw Man Catches Manatee In A River, Poses With It As Villagers Look On. |*Photos

A man could hardly contain his happiness after catching and killing a big Manatee in Bayelsa state. According to the Ijaw man, the sea animal was caught with a hook in Okpoama area of Brass local government area, Bayelsa State.

Overjoyed by his big kill, the man decided to take pictures with the dead animal as other people gathered at the river to see for themselves.

Last year, a Manatee was caught and butchered in Bayelsa state by villagers. The animal was found trapped in a vast woven fishing net owned by one Wilfred Okoko, along the Famgbe river, Yenagoa LGA, Bayelsa state.

It was killed and reportedly shared as food for all.