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“If He Cheated On You, Find Out The Error In Yourself And Say Sorry To Him” +– Lorena Ramos Advises

“If he cheated on you, find out the error in yourself and say sorry to him” – Female twitter user advises

This female Twitter user is clearly not an advocate of feminism and she’s exhibited this following a recent tweet she shared in the noonhour of Thursday, 16th of August.

According to Lorena Ramos, if a guy cheats on girl, the girl should see herself as the one who’s at fault cause she lacks something in particular that would make her guy cheat on her.

By Lorena’s thesis, after the guy cheats, the lady should check herself, fix the error and then apologize to her man that he had to cheat because she lacked something.

Lorena’s tweet has caused a stir online… but we’re wondering what you think of it…