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I Will Complete All Outstanding Projects - Governor Fayose

Governor of Ekiti State , Ayo Fayose has reassured the people of the state that he would complete and deliver on all projects he has embarked on during his second tenure which expires on October 16.

The governor cited in particular the multi billion Naira ultra modern market that is nearing completion at the capital of the state, Ado Ekiti, assuring that the over 600 market people who were displaced when the old market was demolished would be first considered in sharing the new shops to the marketers.

This was just as hundreds of Ekiti people particularly indigenes of the state capital, Ado Ekiti, hailed him endlessly as he made his entry into the annual Udiroko festival being celebrated by the monarch of the city, Oba Aladesanmi Adejugbe, and the people of Ado.

Governor Fayose while addressing the teeming Ado indigenes at the Udiroko festival that took place inside the amphitheatre in Ewi’s palace on Tuesday, appreciated the the people of Ado Ekiti in particular for solidly supporting his government in appreciation of which he had ensured great developmental strides in the city as evident in the fly over, urban renewal projects, new market, 750 seater civic centre and amphitheatre inside the Ewi’s palace as well as many road network project that beautified the city.

He promised to keep in touch with them even after he has left office saying: ”

In and out of office we will continue to celebrate you. I appreciate all of you Ado Ekiti indigenes. And thank you immensely for your support.

We appreciate our own priceless Afe Babalola. You are not just a value added citizen, you are the value itself . you are a valuable citizen of Ado Ekiti.

“Anyone who comes to this palace of the Ewi will remember me as the governor who built this amphitheatre. I told you that I will perform and you have seen my performance. I will ensure that all those who were displaced when we demolished the old market are first considered in sharing the shops in the new ultra modern market which we will complete in few days.

” I appreciate you all Ado indigenes you had stood solidly behind us and I want you to stand solidly behind the Ewi of Ado of Ado after we have left office. My good works for you will bring me good fortunes.

“Even if my deputy was announced as the winner, I have an expiry date as governor of the state. It is not the man who governs that matters but what he has done for the people. History will judge me well on my performance as I have delivered on my mandate. I will ensure to work assiduously for the state till my last day in office.”

Lauding governor Fayise for the developmental strides he gave to the capital city, the Ewi of Ado said: “Generations yet unborn will appreciate what you did for Ado Ekiti .

“Fayose has demonstrated consistency . He promised to turn around Ado and he has indeed turned around the town. Ado is now a befitting state capital.

He said he was coming to deliver and he has delivered.

“When he said he was going to build this palace ampitheatre, I laughed because I never believed. But he did not only build the amphitheater as promised, he added a befitting hall to it.

For ever and ever, your name will be remembered in the history of Ado Ekiti.

As you will be living, I will pray the same prayer for each governor that comes here. You will not lose your wife and children.

Also lauding Fayose, Afe Babalola , founder of Afe Babalola University who is an indigen of Ado himself, said: ”

We had been working here in the Ewi’s palace before Governor Fayose came, but what he did here within three years is unparalleled.”.