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Girl Lands In Hospital After Burning Herself In New Youtube Craze, Fire Challenge (Photos | #FireChallenge)

A young girl has been pictured ‘bandaged head-to-toe’ in hospital after burning 49% of her body had been taking part in a disturbing YouTube craze, it’s emerged.

Timiyah Landers, 12, was taking part in the ‘Fire Challenge’ with two friends, which encourages kids to cover themselves in flammable liquid and set themselves alight – after seeing it on social media.

The trio were at Timiyah’s house in Detroit last Friday and are understood to have picked up on the craze from watching social media.

The saga is said to have begun when mum Brandi Owens made them pancakes and went to have a nap.

Within minutes of leaving them alone, she heard a small explosion.

“Timiyah came running up my hallway on fire from her knees to her hair,” Brandi told Fox 2 Detriot. “Everything is burnt on her, everything”.
Brandi’s fiance put Timiyah in the bath and tried to shower her down with water.
But according to a horrified Brandi, the flames kept “rising and rising”.

Timiyah was rushed to hospital.
Her burns were so severe, doctors had to put her in a head-to-toe cast.
Timiyah’s two friends then admitted they had been trying out the ‘Fire Challenge”
She remains in intensive care and on a ventilator and faces months of treatment.