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Damn ! Rats Chased President Buhari From Aso Rock To Daura, See What They Did

Forget about floral designs. Earlier this year, we heard how the president of Nigeria - a supposed country with 180m people inside it, was Chased from his office by rats and how billions of naira was budgeted for repairs later...

Fast forward to yesterday, we saw how the president's cushion from his house in Daura was torn to shreds by supposed rodents again. This is more than mere coincidence.

If Buhari's son can afford a 100m BMW bike, his wife afford a 40m naira Hermes bag, his daughter afford a 200k pair of earrings, Buhari himself spent billions of taxpayers' naira in UK medical vacations, why can't the president afford to fumigate his house and take care of the cushion seat in his house?