Friday, August 17, 2018

36-year-old Lady Auctions Her Virginity For $283,466 And It Has Been Bought (!PIC)

A 36-year-old German virgin, simply identified as Mandy has successfully auctioned her virginity online for $283,466 after she realised the right man she was waiting for may never show up.

Mandy, who works as a flight attendant, enlisted the help of Cinderella Escorts to sell her virginity online after coming across the website in a newspaper.

Luckily for her, a businessman in Munich has purchased her virginity on an anonymous level.

Mandy revealed that abstaining from sex is like the casino – you have to know when to stop.

According to her, "I could go on for years telling myself that I only have to wait another year to meet the right guy.”

And Mandy, who has said she intends to use the proceeds of the auction to boost her career and help her family revealed she thought her age drove up the bidding on her virginity.

“Every woman can only lose her virginity once,” said Mandy, who will meet the successful bidder to complete the transaction next month.

“But if she has kept them for a very long time, it makes the pleasure all the more valuable.”

Although she is still quite optimistic that she might meet her dream man even after the sale of her virginity.

The second highest bid for Mandy’s virginity came from a lawyer at €240,000 and the third was from a football Player from Munich at €200,000.

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