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#2019: Why I’m Aspiring To Be President – Sowore, Sahara Reporters Publisher

PRESIDENTIAL aspirant and publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, has tendered his reason for aspiring for the top office in the land...

Mr Sowore, who had earlier advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election or face being disgraced, said his aspiration was to move the country forward having been drawn backward by the administrations of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The publisher stated this on Wednesday while featuring on a programme on Channels Television, Politics Today, monitored by HEADLINE.

The aspirant said his political party was third force needed to oust the PDP and APC, describing the former as a desperate and dying political party whereas the latter according to him is made up of propaganda and lies.

“The reason why PDP is desperate is because PDP is dead and it’s about to bury itself. They bury themselves by way of performance, disastrous 16 years rule in Nigeria,” Sowore said.

He frowned at people who said the president should continue in office because there was no alternative to him.

“I don’t like when people say on national tv especially within the mainstream that there is no alternative to Buhari in Nigeria when you have people like us who have capacity, character, integrity, stamina, intellect, history, pedigree and energy. We can run marathon while he (Buhari) is walking 800 kilometers from the mosque and you are saying these young people in Nigeria who are preserving themselves with programmes and ideas that are fresh and innovative are not alternative.

“I don’t know what is wrong with us, we are the ones that are making the points that we are not willing to get out of the bondage that we are in,” he said.

Sowore challenged Buhari and other presidential aspirants to a debate.

“The young people are here to take their country to the next level of prosperity and we want to say goodbye to poverty incompetence and the lacklustre kind of leadership that we have had in Nigeria in the last 16 years of PDP plus 3 years of APC.

“The alternative is here that is why we should be debating. We should be talking about the fresh ideas that we are bringing on the table to grow electricity, infrastructure, power, to stop corruption completely not the type of anti-corruption war that APC is fighting where we replace the old thieves with new thieves.

“Please let’s have that conversations. And if you want to be more serious may be you should start bring these presidential candidates to debate us. Buhari should be brought out, the media should force them out of hiding, let them come and debate the future of Nigeria.

“We are here to take the country to the next level, that’s why I’m aspiring to be President,” he added.

Mr Iyke Odikpo, a member of the APC in the programme countered the publisher saying Nigeria’s presidency is beyond youthfulness.

“Presidency of Nigeria needs more than youthfulness. You need to be more than youthfulness to be President of Nigeria,” Mr Odikpo said.

“Nigeria is a complex society, system which needs a lot of experience, contacts, reach to win the presidential election of Nigeria.

“Buhari, three times the man tried, for the three times he had a bloc votes from a particular part of the country. And when those who decided to say let’s support this man to make a change in Nigeria.

“You need a lot of experience, contacts to win election then you need a lot to manage Nigeria,” he added.