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Must Read !!: Advice For Nigerian Fans That Want To Stay In Russia After World Cup

This is for Nigerians who came to Russia with a Fan ID and want to use this as an opportunity to stay behind by force.

It’s not very pretty but it’s the truth.

Fan ID is not a visa. It was only created by the Russian government to enable football fans come to Russia and watch the game and go back home without any immigration and visa problems.

The Nigerian embassy or government can’t help you here and you can’t change your status if you have fan ID.

If you stay beyond 10 days after the World Cup, you have automatically converted yourself into an illegal immigrant.

You can NOT get a job in Russia without an official, legal residency permit. No Russian company will risk paying a million Rubles in fine or getting closed down.

Russian winter is coming – I can confirm to you that it is a very harsh one. And a Russian detention/deportation camp is the worst place any human can be during the winter. It is really horrible.

There are already several Nigerians stranded, some are already at the detention camps, all crying out for help. This has already created overwhelming problems for the Nigerian Embassy and Nigerian Community here.

If you or any other Nigerian World Cup fans you know are stranded or have issues with tickets, there is a fix. The Russian authority provided a flight through Turkish airline, leaving this evening (12th), from Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow. You must have your Fan ID and passport.

Go to this airport Terminal A, ask any immigration office to point you to the World Cup Volunteer’s stand. Tell them you are a Nigerian and you are ready to return home.

The Russian government has done their best. They have an “Operation Sweep” commencing 10 days after the World Cup. They will sanitize their streets and rid it of any illegal World Cup lurkers. Knowing the Russian government and policing system, I can tell you they have big brooms and sweep well.

I think today’s flight is the last. But if you sincerely want to go back but you miss the flight for today 12th (before you become illegal), see what I think you can do below.

Contact family and friends back home to raise funds for the ticket. Beg them if you have to, don’t do fine boy. One day beyond your legal limit can take all your fine boy away. One day on the streets of Moscow in winter can kill you.

Start a crowd-funding stuff online – a genuine one. Don’t go fooling people if you don’t intend to travel back. Provide Fan ID and other info to prove you’re stranded and intend to go back. There are generous Nigerians out there willing to help.

You can still contact, write or visit the embassy in Moscow to find out if there’s something they can do – NO GUARANTEES once this provided plane leaves. IT’S AN ADVICE! I DON’T WORK FOR THE EMBASSY, I JUST KNOW PEOPLE WHO DO. I CAN’T GIVE GUARANTEES ON THEIR BEHALF.

Remember the keywords though: “operation sweep”, big broom, fantastic sweepers, cold winter, detention camp, freeze like mad. GO HOME and come back the right way if you really want to live abroad.