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6-yr-old Nigerian Boy Drowns In A Pool In Canada *

On Monday, the Canadian dream of a family of Nigerian migrants who arrived in Quebec in April, 2018, turned into a nightmare, Montreal Journal reports.

Two days after moving into their first home in Montreal, the 6-year-old son drowned in a swimming pool in the Saint-LĂ©onard neighborhood. "I dream of being able to go back," sobs Bukola Babayemi, 31.

On her way to the low-cost resort pool on Monday, when the weather was hot, she was far from suspecting that she was spending her last moments with her eldest son, Bukumi.

"I told him to stay next to me.

But it took a second of inattention and I lost it. I immediately alerted the rescuer, but it was too late,”

whispers the mother of three, in tears.

After being found unconscious in the bottom of the pool, the boy was rush to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Bukumi was to start school in September.

The pool has since be shutdown. In hopes of providing a better life for her children, Ms. Babayemi made the big trip to Canada from Houston, U.S last April.

Arrived in the United States in August 2016, she said she quickly realized that this country was not made for her family.

"It's so hard for the migrants there. We can do almost nothing, I had to beg for church food for my children," she said.