Monday, February 12, 2018

Yahoo Boys Who Uses Slay Queens For Rituals Voice Out, The Slay Queens Replied

Hi Guys,
This is disheartening and it surely clarifies the facts that the World is surely about to come to an End!!

These shameless set of people called “Yahoo Boys” who are supposed to be in the hide-out because of their Shady dealings are now publicly glorified and celebrated � What a Nation!

With different News on the Internet everyday on how these Serial Internet Scammers are using Girls for Money Rituals, some Guys who are also involved in the dirty runs have come out to air their Opinion on how these Slay Queens have been using Juju to Rob Yahoo Boys of their Money.
The guys are angry and they pour out their mind promising to use all the Runs Girls/Slay Queens that comes their way for Money Rituals in 2018. 

Can you imagine? This guys are shameless..
Local bastards ��
Then… Guess what?
​The Shameless Slay Queens assemble themselves and they replied back.
Listening to their Conversation actually makes me cry because these Girls/Ladies are just nothing but a wasted entity.
I pity their parents because they have no idea how bad their children’s life has turned out to be.
​You won’t believe what they said back to the Yahoo boys �
Download the Slay Queen’s response below:-
Audio Player

Download The Slay Queens Conversation

▪ Can you Imagine?
▪ What is this World turning into?
▪ What do you all have to say about this?

Drop your comments.

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