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Angela Okorie Blast Haters Of Her New Bald Look

Social media is now full of peeps who can't seem to mind their business and tend to believe that their opinion can change people. The comments have been hateful and bashful and Popular actress, Angela Okorie has had enough. She called out her haters on her gram, challenging them to go bald if they believe they can kill the look just like her. See her rant below...

I don't know how to judge people cos am not perfect.
Why so much Hate.
Why feeling so inferior of your self 
Cos it's only people that feel less of them selves that goes about trying to bring any1 down.
By Now y'all haters and confused admirers should know your opinion doesn't count.
I choose to do what suits me
Your opinion is void
If you think I don't look good on bald hair, I challenge u to go on bald hair and see what you will look like.
Wether u like the look or not your opinion is useless to me, learn on how to mind ur business or better still engage your self with something that will benefit you.
I repeat go on bald hair!!!!!!!!!! Thank you #ispreadpositivevibesonly#