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"His Girlfriend Gave Him HIV, He Now Distributes The HIV To Single Ladies & Married Women"

I am writing this in reaction after reading about the NDA guy who found out his girl was cheating after smelling condom on her...

A few months ago, my friend Tade (not real name ), called me , it was late a night and he was hysterical over the phone, I didn’t understand what he was saying at all, he ended by saying he was coming over. So how gets here and am surprised because this guy would never leave his house after 8:30pm.

 He just blurted out to me that he was HIV positive., that “she “ gave it to him, I was already giving him the usual distance one gives to a diseased animal. I thought my guy don go play away match. But then he said its shade oh, I found it hard to believe him.i mean I know the girl{she’s the standard to which I hold all girls to, if a girl can beat that she’s bleeping awesome.}

Tade narrated how he started feeling pains while urinating, so he want to the hospital and the doc started asking him if he was having sex regularly, he said yes and, long story short he had gonorrhea and chlamydia. The also asked him to go for an AIDS test which he did and behold POSITIVE. He had never cheated on his girl in the 6 years the dated, even the first 3 that she denied him sex claiming virgin, tho she was actually a virgin when he finally enter the place. The have marriage plans together, they share atm cards, they are basically married in all sense but the word.

When he got back, he confronted his girl and of course she denied, then the test results came out except anything to do with aids.

She started to tell him about one guy she visited, that it was only a few times the had sex, she later told him that a friend of hers she visited, Tade lost it here, he wanted to kill her, beat her, he didn’t wait to hear the rest and that’s y he came to my place so as not to do anything he will regret to shade.

I remember him crying saying again and again” she has killed me, after all the love, 7 years, she literary killed me,” he even laughed then cried again. I dint cheat on her once in 7 years, do you know how hard that is, even when a friend brought it I didn’t Bleep.

Tade started saying how he should have killed her there and then, that he wants to hurt her bad, I calmed him down, told him to chill, that there r worst things to do to a girl.

It took a while but I told him we will deal with her so I put down a plan for him to forget hitting or beating her and just destroy her life, sleep with her friends and her little sister p.s the sister has a boyfriend too. Now this sobered him up, he said he was going to hunt any lady that had a boyfriend he will Bleep her and share the “blessing “his girl gave him. Tade is not a ja boy{bad ladies guy} so I didn’t see his good chances of success with this. But his body count these days is mad, he hits girls with b.f without condoms, others he takes it off when the girl is enjoying the poo.

He also nailed the little sister VERY WELL. I have pics sef.
And shade probably does know shes a carrier, I doubt she did an hiv test.

Anyways to guys out there be careful, I have begged tade to stop but his vendetta is crazy, he nails upto 3 different girls a week, including married women and especially girls with boyfriends. He sends me pics sometimes.

Guys if your not sure of the girl ditch her oh, condom dey burst anytime. There’s a nairalander who found out the hard way.

Girls who cheat around are probably distributing “blessings”

I feel bad for not advising Tade to just beat shade to a pulp now the matter has become something else.
Girls be faithful, this might just save your life oh, guys don’t humor bitches, dispose of her, you might think you are slaying a slay queen, it might just be you humping a bad of diseases