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"Dear Mr. President, you don't bite, you don't gnash not to even talk of barking" - Abdullahi Haruna who named his son after Buhari pens letter expressing disappointment and hope

A staunch supporter of President Buhari, Abdullahi Haruna took to Facebook to express his disappointment with his administration. Read his post below...
Dear Mr. President,
I am one of your unapologetic admirers. I went all the way to advocate for your emergence. I lost friendships and resources promoting your candidature. In fact, I named my son after you; I call him Muhammadu Buhari - all these I did because I wholeheartedly believe in you. Everyday I pray for your success, I pray for your good health - I spend energy defending your actions even in the face of obvious indefensible template.
I am dangerously linked to your person and ideology that I can take a bullet for you. However, recently manifestations from your desk has left me somewhat helpless and deflated. You are demystifying the phenomenal brand called Muhammadu Buhari. Laxity and overt complacency is taking over your fascinating antecedents. You are withering away your goodwill so fast.

Your 'democratic' stance is not helping the wheel of governance. You are leaving too a wide room for indolence. Your lieutenants are abusing responsibilities while you watch them in helpless mien. You give task without following them up, you give executive orders and they are left weak, non obeyed and dead. You don't bite, you don't gnash not to even talk of barking. You leave every inactions to fate forgetting that nothing works when in natural state.

The legs around you are motionless, they only move in the direction of their personal interests. They flaunt your orders, undermine your power and kill your vision. They are not anywhere in tandem with your vision. The only people that propagate your vision are die hard adherents like us, the rest are today's men responding to the pendulum of chance and opportunities.

My President, you must wake up and begin to bite, you may even crush in my own desire. Things are getting pretty bad because of your inaction. Allowing nepotism, corruption and impunity to thrive right under your nose is the worst calamity that can befall a nation. Your garment of honor and integrity is at the verge of being stained and shredded by the hawks around you. Allowing this to happen is a dent to our personality because we have sold you to high heavens, placing you over and above everyday mortals.

I still have this huge hope in your capacity to right the wrongs of governance. I want a rejuvenated you in the fight against corruption. Stop piling up reports on corrupt persons, stop using deodorant for looters and usurpers. Make known that which is hidden and increase the tempo of shaming the shamed. Like your breakthrough in security, economy, infrastructure, nip in the bud the ugly narratives of corruption, cabalism, nepotism and impunity.

Make me proud as a buharist, make me walk in raised shoulders, let your legacies be my pride. All these I ask not in mischief but in demonstration of my stance as a patriotic citizen.

Helplessly musing.
Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice
On behalf of Concerned Buharists.