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Relationships 101: Sleeping Positions Explained

5. Edges
How to: Both sleep on opposite sides of the bed facing away from each other.
Pros: You both value comfort and respect each other’s personal space. Works perfectly if you two have different resting temperature preferences. For example one prefers to be cooler and sleep only partially under covers and the other likes to be snugly tucked and warm.
Cons: Might signify a frustration in relationship and emotional distance. Might lead to comical tug wars for covers.

4. Back to Back
How to: Pretty self explanatory – both of you are lying on your sides with your back to each other. Your backs, legs or feet might be touching occasionally.
Pros: Signifies that both partners are confident in their relationship, have probably been together for a while and respect each others sleeping habits.
Cons: No need to worry, as long as you’re not too far from each other it’s fine, most couple’s find this position to be the most comfortable to sleep in. The only con we could think of is perhaps rolling and bumping into each other when trying to roll over onto your back, that could be surprising in the middle of the night and might wake you up.

3. Romantic
How to: Possibly the most overused in cinema position, a man is lying down on his back with a woman on her side, head resting on his shoulder or chest.
Pros: Usually signifies a start of a new relationship. Affectionate, but still a bit shy and not overly clingy.
Cons: While some find the sound of their partner’s heartbeat under their ear calming and relaxing, others might find it distracting and annoying, plus it’s not really that comfortable for your neck and your partner is most likely feeling a bit trapped lying on their back all the time.

2. Pillow Talk
How to: You’re facing each other but not touching.
Pros: Represents intimacy and the need for one-on-one contact and conversation in bed.
Cons: Couples often worry about morning breath and just in general this isn’t the most convenient position for breathing, you don’t breathe in unison and you don’t want to inhale the air your loved one just exhaled.

1. Spooning
How to: One of you is on their side, with the other person snuggled up behind you.
Pros: It shows that the couple is close and happy and wants to show their love to each other and be physically close.
Cons: Hot weather isn't encouraging you really don’t want to be hugged and be all sweaty.


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