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11 Things A Guy Would Rather Do Than Spend Time With His Girlfriend(a MUST READ)

Yeah, all girls believe that they are the centre of attraction to their guys but I wouldn't like to burst your bubble because that isn't entirely true. Yeah, guys want to spend time with you (either before or after being konjified) but most definitely will give it up for the various other options listed below:

1. Spend time with His boys: this has to be on the top of the list for sure. Boys will always be boys and they walk in packs. Single or married, guys always enjoy hanging out and just basically having a good time gisting and fooling around over some few drinks telling stories and catching up on lost times.

2. Watch a Sporting event preferably a Football Match: He’s definitely doing this in company of his boys because that makes it a lot more interesting.

3. Enjoying his “ALONE” time: Just as ladies like their privacy with their men, so does the guy need his privacy after a long trip, a busy day, his fasting period (Eleyi gidi gan) and when he’s basically trying to find a solution to a problem and you’re not contributing in any way.

4. Play a Video Game without being distracted except you’re participating: Now this is a period that shouldn't be scheduled and can happen any time. Once a timetable is created, be sure he’ll leave you stranded except you are tagging along for the gaming ride.

5. Watch a Movie with someone that actually understands the Storyline: Most guys watch certain type or movies just to please the babe but would rather watch a movie with someone that actually understands what the movie is all about, you dig.

6. Have a healthy conversation that won’t lead to false accusations: When he mentions another girl in a conversation with an ordinary female friend, he doesn't get in trouble. Yeah, he likes that a lot….

7. If 6 can’t be achieved, have a healthy Argument that ends with another round of drinks: Now this basically doesn’t have a location but most times, it mostly a viewing bar. Guys screaming at one and another like they are mortal enemies only to call (Shot Gun) on who’s buying the next round.

8. Rub minds with productive others on what to do to earn legal Cash: This is a coded movement, a clique who meet up and stay networked when the small or big business deals are going down and definitely yours truly shouldn't be found lagging.

9. Hang out with another girl that understands him but he doesn't give a damn about: Yeah, this is one truth most girls don’t always like hearing but it is what it is. They are not boinking or necking each other but the truth is that every guy needs a girl that understands him something like a Ghetto Chick.

10. Treat himself to a private Barbecue or Self-Made/Take-out Meal: Now there are times guys just want to relive the beauty of being a bachelor and single without the headaches that come with relationship. Well during those time, this happens.

11. Take a long walk (More or less Doing Nothing): A long walk everyday they say will do you a lot of good but at such times, he’d rather have his walk alone just to clear his head and may end up at a pub or something…. Lolz

Every guys make up are quite different but all these listed above are basic to every guy. While some would rather spend the night at a stripper joint, others would rather go on a shopping spree for new pair of shoes but in all, if you as a lady can note this following signs then it makes it easier for you to understand him.

Guys pls Feel free to add yours in the comment box below…