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10 Manly Qualities Women Are Jealous Of!

Despite the innumerable characteristics of men that get the blood of women boiling, there are certain qualities of men that most women wish they possessed. Although women absolutely love the way they are, there are a few traits they wish, like men, they could incorporate in their day-to-day life. These are some of the qualities of men that get women jealous.

1. Age gracefully

2. Unlike women who overthink situations, men refrain from fretting most of the time. Men in general aren’t easily troubled and this quality grabs admiration from the fairer sex resulting in a fine balance between couples.

3. Can sleep through anything, from an earthquake to a crying baby.

4. Men can fix almost everything or will at least try to. From automobiles to gadgets, no man will refrain from trying to fix it himself.

5. For men, sex cures everything. Even on the worst of days the act will get them back on their feet with mental clarity.

6. Easily dependable. Men thrive on the fact that the women in their life depend on them mentally and emotionally. This very fact gives them a sense of responsibility and belonging.

7. Unlike some women who change friends seasonally, most men have the natural ability of sustaining their friendship with their mates for years together.

8. Men are natural gamers making it hard for women to digest the fact that it is in their genes to ace a game after a few tries

9. Men are sporting when it comes to others laughing at them, and if the joke is good enough, you will find them joining the merriment.

10. It takes hardly a few minutes for a man to clean up and look his best and this is the hard truth that gets under the skin of all women.