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The Raw Food Blog is my mini-journal about the Raw Food Diet. It...
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  • points out some of our super-special past adventures you might otherwise miss.

  • lets you know when I meet or (video) interview a raw food expert.
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Breaking The Food Seduction

Neil Barnard is really amazing in explaining why a vegan diet works, why we have food addictions and how to overcome them. After listening to him it's hard to imagine you'll ever eat meat or dairy again... Video is almost 1 hr long but worth watching and a fantastic way to motivate yourself. When I have more time I'll write down a summary ...

Reverse Diabetes With Raw Food

Did you know that you can reverse diabetes when you eat raw food? If you know someone with diabetes you may want to show them this video. I've visited this retreat center and the results were stunning.

How To Cure Cancer in Weeks

This interview with Dr Coldwell is absolutely mind blowing. I think you'll absolutely like to see this.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has cured over 35,000 cancer patients and other chronic diseases (92% cure rate) without medication, radiation or surgery. You may want to sit steady on your chair when you watch this because you might fall off if you hear what he says - absolutely incredible.

Personally, I'm most grateful for dr Coldwell amazing work. It's thanks to the raw food diet AND his U-cure CD system that I have 3 healthy children (after being diagnosed with infertility for 6 years... ).