Monday, November 30, 2020

Gomoney: Digital Banking In Nigeria Made Easy

Have you been wondering what digital banking is all about? Yes, it is mainly the digitalization of all banking activities or transactions that are targeted at reducing banking risk, help increase customer experience, and also improve banking efficiency. 

This medium mainly allows customers to have access to money withdrawal, loan applications, and an avenue for online payments. These and more can be done on your smartphone easily. Peeping through the future spectrum, it is very evident that digital banking is the order of the day for banking firms that wish to survive in the finance industry.

Digitalizing all banking elements is simply converting all manual or paper-based banking activities into digital format. This is mainly targeted at making the banking lifestyle very easy for all customers.

It is a very transparent platform that allows consumers to see and monitor their banking processes with great ease, even at the comfort of their homes. Generally, digital banks perform functions that can be done at head office, branch office, online service, bank cards, atm, and even point of sale machines. 

In this century where almost all is done digitally, everyone wishes to have all their finances done online, ranging from their personal accounts to their business accounts. Have you always been wondering if it will be convenient, banking online? 

It is however very evident that digital banking provides flexibility with great speed, which depicts that you don't have to worry about queueing all-around bank streets. However, with the invention of so many digital banks, gomoney has shown great preference as it tends to cater to all consumers’ needs seamlessly. It is indeed safe to say that gomoney is the best digital bank in Nigeria.

Who can use gomoney?

Generally, gomoney is available to everyone, and anyone that is up to 16years old and has met enough regulatory requirements as released by the central bank of Nigeria. In addition, should you have a Nigerian phone number, you can use the gomoney digital bank regardless of your citizenship. They also have a lot of preference for small business owners which therefore means that it can be used by most online vendors and artisans. 

How can you resolve any technical issues?

The gomoney app is very straightforward and user friendly that even in case of technical issues, all you have to do is click on the help button to connect with one of our team members so as to resolve your issue with ease. 

In an age where almost everything can be done digitally, it’s really encouraging that more and more people are choosing to manage their finances online too, such as their personal accounts and business accounts. The convenience, speed, and flexibility afforded by many digital banking options mean that we no longer have to pay a visit to a high street bank to perform basic tasks such as balance checks, or transfers. 


It can be deduced that digital banking cannot be overemphasized as they are of great importance to both consumers and banks. Gomoney has been known to fulfill all digital banking requirements with ease. It is undoubtedly the face of digital banking, kindly give it a trial. 

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