Monday, May 04, 2020

It's Getting Tougher, Access Bank On My Neck; Man Seeks For Advice

A Nigerian student narrated his experience on how thieves came to his room, stole his phone, took Access Bank loan with his information and now held responsible to payback the loan without any further delay,  check out his story below:

He wrote: 

It's said,that problem shared is half solved.

I will try as much as possible to be succinct.please,spear a little of your time and read through.

It all started on 27th of January this year, when I came back from night class that very monday morning around 4:56 am,I noticed that the pivoted glass window of my room has been removed and the net carefully cut with sharp objects.On seeing that my heart skipped,my instinct told me something must have gone wrong.

Though this has never happened to me since over 2years plus I have lived in the lodge. As I opened the door,to my greatest surprise, I couldn't find my laptop,my Android phone,a phone of a friend who also plucked his phone in my room,and my MP player which I do use in blasting music in the lodge, all was taken away, I felt utterly devastated,I couldn't believe my eye at that moment.

I have to summon strength and go to school that very day,because,already I have been demoralized by that incidence and I have to be in school that day,because, I have quiz. When I dismissed from school it was already to four,I hurriedly get to mtn office to do the welcome back,they said since,I'm not with the pack,I have to go to the court and get affidavit,when I look at my time it's already after four the court has closed,it's now a thing of another day,
I was so exhausted, I needed to get some rest, though hunger has taken its toll on me.on my way back I branch to ATM to collect 1k from my account so that I can get something to eat,the straw that breaks the camel's back was my lot. insufficient fund is what I saw on the screen boldly written on the ATM machine... This is unbelievable! I know I have close to 20k in my account which I was given to complete a particular payment in school,what happened?, what a terrible day! I lost appetite instantly I walked down to my lodge,I couldn't sleep that day.

Very early in the morning, I was the first person in the bank, when I met the customer care,he checked the account he ask me if I had collected loan from the bank,I said "never"-- though, accessbank do send me a message,asking if I need loan I should dail so so code, which I'm so wary of and dreaded it because,I do avoid banks and their cunny offer, He said,that my account was used to get a loan of 25k AFTER 17k dat was in my account was used in buying airtime and the 25k collected was transferred via WhatsApp transfer,it sounded strange to me,which one is whatsap transfer again?i quried in total indignation!I told him I never did,that my phone was stolen yesterday. I asked him,if there any trace information available which could be used to get the person? He said he won't disclose anything to me that I should go and get police report.

I have to moved to police station and make official statement and detail them the whole story,to cut the long story short,they ask me to bring 20k so that they can just track the phone or 7k to get court order so that they will go to the bank to seek if there is any necessary information that the bank will provide. Said I should note that if bank didn't have any good information to track the person, that my 7k will be gone, that,they advised I paid 20k to track d phone that it will be easier.yes I knw it is better but at it is now, I that have such amount,I hardly feed,let alone of raising 20k.i have to leave police station thinking hard on what to do next, I was able to hustle out and pay remaining fees for school thing because, its payment is already about to end.

I was still trying to know if I can get money, to start pursuing the case,and Covid19 lockdown come up, everyone had to vacate from school, though I do call the IPO that once I get the money I will come for the case, which he said it's alright anytime I'm ready I should come.

My greatest worry now is the bountiful of messages I'm receiving from Access Bank both in my email and equally in my phone messages, they are issuing a whole lot of threat to me to come and pay the loan, that I would be reported to credit bureau and I will be blacklisted, that it s long overdue ( already 60days now).

Please how do I go about this with them?even though I wasn't the one who collected the loan, I have it in mind to pay them but not anytime soon, because, for now school is closed and getting that amount to pay them now, I really don't see the possiblity. But I keep asking is getting loan from the bank so easy like this,I just wonder why accessbank will just grant loan within a space of 28 hours. I blame them too.

Please what do I do? because, this their threat is too much, and if they blacklist me with credit bureau what is its consequences?
Sorry for the long epistle.
Thanks for your time.

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