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Things That Have Changed Because Of Coronavirus

If there was an instrument that can measure the Sin level on the earth today, a Sinometer (lol), I believe the gauge will show a great drop in the sins of humanity. Or how do you explain;

1. That most brothels and clubs are shut at this time because of social distancing. Sexual immorality rate has thankfully, dropped

2. Nigerian Senators donating 50% of their salaries to fund Covid-19 account. Greed of our Senators have miraculously, dropped

3. Lock-down has forced Lagos and Abuja drivers to sit at home. Abuses on the steering, traffic offences, conductor and passenger fighting have all drastically, dropped

4. Husbands (and maybe wives too) are forced to sit at home with family. Marital infidelity has significantly, dropped

5. Lots of rich people and organisations are suddenly donating to Covid-19 account. Disregard to Corporate social Responsibility has openly dropped.

6. Because of the lock-down, our cars are forced to take some much needed rest globally, so our beloved earth too can rest. Carbon emission that has been hurting the earth has sweetly, dropped

7. Because of the fear of the lock-down, couples (most especially daddies) had to hurriedly drop money to stock the house. Financial irresponsibility in the home has thankfully, dropped

8. Since couples are now forced to stay at home, marital distancing has miraculously, dropped

9. Because we are now at home, office politics, antagonism and wickedness have sincerely, dropped

10. Before Covid-19, nations were preoccupied on how to attack each other, economically, militarily and politically. Now we are jointly attacking the common Covid-19 enemy. So multi-national wars have for now, unbelievably, dropped

11. The fear of Covid-19 has even forced terrorist groups globally to withdraw into their caves, as they monitor event of things too. Terrorist activities and killings have greatly, dropped

12. Even herdsmen are observing the sit at home order with their cows in the fields. News of herdsmen killings has suddenly, dropped

13. The lockdown has slowed down the human rat race of work, waking up early, pursuing things, keeping deadlines. So, Hustling, Stress level and BP issues have appreciably, dropped

14. Covid-19 hit advanced nations first, who had previously boasted in their technological, medical and scientific advancements. The pride of, we-are-untouchable by the developed countries have humbly, dropped.
15. Most of our pastors and other men of God, who had boasted on their divine powers to deal and conquer Covid 19 have all suddenly gone quiet.

16. On a lighter note, even witches and wizards have also obeyed the sit at home order, by pressing the pause button. Wickedness in high places have truly, dropped

These are some sins of the World that Covid-19 has thankfully helped us arrest. Let's drop our sins. Now we see we can indeed live better lives.

You can add to the list and let's continue living like this after the Covid-19 impasse is over...