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Never Forget Who Was There From The Start

Many relationships starts when partners are still naive, younger and struggling to get a grip on life. Sometimes its during school, fresh out of school, doing a low income job, during apprenticeship, petty trading or fresh in business with nothing etc.

At this stage, they are still nursing their ambitions and have nothing to boast of except love and prospects. They stick to each other and manage what ever they can afford praying life gets better.

As time progresses, they become more financially stable, grow stronger in their businesses or careers and their ambitions become more visible. However, with success comes exposure, crowd and change in taste. Instead of the growth to add more excitement to the relationship, it begins to shake it’s very foundation.

Temptations come from every angle, partners begin taking care of themselves better, buying cars and luxurious things, looking more attractive than before and consequently attracting anyone who cares. That’s the stage where ladies try to seduce the guy with every means possible and men wont let the lady have a breathing space. With varieties comes choice, infidelity sets in, jealousy heightens and partners hurt the very person who was with them when they hard nothing.

Remember that money and success mostly attracts opportunists and wolfs. Money only attracts the person you want and not the person you need. There is a big difference between fantasy and reality, the ones flocking around you, looking all beautiful, cute and sexy are just your fantasies and the one who has played in the mud with you when you could not afford a pool is your reality. It is only when the going gets though again that you would understand this properly.

Finally, I am not in support of the “entitled” mentality but if someone gives you a portion of their life, they had choices but chose to sacrifice all that time for you in the name of love, put up with all of your bullshit, stuck with you through thick and thin, then he or she deserves to be there COMFORTABLY when success comes. It is called “reaping the fruits of labour” not entitlement mentality. Never forget who was there from the start, they are the only ones that would stay even if you have to start again. Be guided!