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Husband Stabs Wife In The Head For Refusing To Give Him Money To Pay Prostitute

That was what reportedly happened in no other place than Kanda, Accra - not too far from Jubilee House.

According to a report by NairaNaijaNews.com, a man simply identified as Kofi slept outside and returned home the next day with a lady believed to be a sex worker, and then allegedly stole his wife’s money to pay her.

Akua, as she is also identified, told Class FM’s Felicity Naana Nelson that a heated argument ensued between her and the husband on Monday, May 27 after she complained about using her money to pay a sex worker he had slept with.

She added that while asleep in the night of the day of the argument, she felt a sharp excruciating pain in her head, only to Wake up and see her husband and father of two stabbing her in the head multiple times.

She pleaded with him to spare her life, but to no avail. She then shouted for help, drawing the attention of neighbours who rescued and rushed her to the hospital, before a complaint was lodged with the police.

Sensing trouble, Kofi reportedly absconded and has since not returned home.

Akua, a hairdresser, is reported as saying her husband must be arrested and prosecuted for attempting to kill her.

It is unclear how far the police have gone with investigations into the matter.