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Woman Falls In Love With Her Rapist, Withdraws Rape Case !

A 22-year-old woman has shocked many after she withdrew her rape case because she’s fallen in love.

Talent Zvenyika, from Featherstone in Zimbabwe, dropped the charge against 38 year old William Chiocha who allegedly raped her on two occasions in 2018.

William Chiocha, was then set free by Magistrate Fadzai Mutombeni .

Zvenyika claimed that after the rape incidences, she had fallen in love with the alleged rapist as they had enjoyed consensual sex on several other occasions and they had asked each other for forgiveness.

She said

“I am not the one who reported the case to the police. Although I did not consent on the first and second times, we later on indulged in consensual sex on several other instances after we asked each other for forgiveness for previous cases. We are now in love and therefore the case can be withdrawn,”