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How I Was Sexually Harassed During My NYSC In Abia State - Young man Narrates His Ordeal

An online user shared his story of how a female NYSC mate raped him during his service year.

He wrote: 
I served in Isiala Ngwa North Local Government of Abia state. My Lodge is known as Assembly Lodge, while the girl that assaulted me lives in the Federal Lodge... It started this way, she asked me to sleep in her room cos her roommate travelled and she is not use to sleeping alone so I accepted to sleep the following day only if her roommate doesn't show up, but her roommate didn't show up so I slept on her roommate's bed but nothing happened, the next night we slept in my room on my bed and boom at night I noticed someone shifting towards me while I shifted backward till I was already at the wall and she stylishly shifted close to me and practically raped my lips while her hands grabbed my divk...

To be frank, although I was awake, it looked like a dream and looked unbelievable to me but it was real... I see it as a premeditated rape judging from the way it started... Anyway weeks later she confessed to seeing the shape of my dick through my kaaki during one of our CDS meetings and ever since she has wanted a taste of it ...