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“I Want My Panties Back” – Divorced Couple Fight Over Underwear In Court (Photo)

There was drama at the Bulawayo Civil Court after Ntokozo Ndlovu from Fort Rixon, Matabeleland South told the Magistrate that she was living in fear after her former husband had refused to surrender her “designer” panties when the two separated.

She also claimed that her husband, ex-husband Thembinkosi Siziba had taken part of her child’s umbilical cord (navel string) and was refusing to hand it over. Said Ndlovu,

I am sure that he is the one who knows where those things (panties and child’s navel string) are as he always threatened me with unspecified action whenever I confronted him over that.

Ironically, Ndlovu was being sued by Siziba who was seeking a restraining order against her for disturbing his peace by unnecessarily taking him to traditional courts over her missing underwear. Siziba told the court,

Ntokozo Ndlovu is my ex-wife and I am applying for a protection order against her. She is always harassing me by saying she wants her panties back. She is continually saying this but I am not aware where her panties are.

She is also accusing me of taking her child’s navel string. As a result of those accusations, she is frequently taking me to the traditional courts being presided over by our village head or chief. I want the court to bar her from taking me to those courts unnecessarily over her missing underwear and child’s navel string which I don’t know how they disappeared.

The magistrate ruled in Siziba’s favour and ruled that Ndlovu should not drag her former husband to the traditional courts over her missing underwear and child’s navel string.