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How To Save Money On Food This Season

It is not news that people tend to spend a lot in this December/January period, on food and so many other things.

Little wonder everyone complains of being broke in January.

Here are 5 ways you can save money on food this December and in January.

1. Buy early:
It is plain foolishness to wait for the last minute before buying your foodstuff. Yes, I understand that payday and ish but one has to have prepared for the season months before. November salary has not finished yet, you can still save some money by buying now.

2. Buy in bulk: 
Yes, you get to save more when you buy in bags rather than in small units. This helps you save and keeps you in constant supply of foodstuff. 

3. Don't cook for more than you can feed: 
You see that feeling of showing off, it is a scam. Do not cook to feed for more than you can afford. The season comes and goes like every other season and people will forget you quick enough. So only cook for those you can afford to, do not pressure yourself.

4. Collaborate: Even if you have to, collaborate with a neighbor or family member to buy in bulk, then split it afterward.

5. Take advantage of ongoing promos on food: A number of food stores are running promos and discounts on food prices and even delivery, nationwide. Be on the lookout for such, and take advantage of their offers. Trust me, they exist. A good example is the Instagram handle @ctfoodstuff that is offering customers discounts on foodstuff (+234 817 866 6785). 

Don't start January a poor person. Save money today.