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Check Out The Mystery Behind Sexual Temptations

Truthfully, sex is something delicate that should be approached with carefulness. It has extreme powers and is more than the physical pleasures people attach to it. Sex can determine how far a person will go in life, and it has even cut short the lives of too many to count.

Something as important as this should be treated with utmost carefulness. Any discussion related to sex should be held with care. In other words, humans shouldn't hurriedly embrace every sex-related opinion or teaching, but should carefully subject everything to intense examination. Before embracing anything anyone is saying about sex, first seek to know the source of the person's knowledge or idea. Before you embrace a sex-related teaching, opinion or idea, ensure it is in line with the will of the "Main Source"

The "Main Source" is God. He created everything - including humans and sex, and He alone is All-Knowing. Anything God is saying about sex is the most authentic info, and anything contrary being said by anyone else should be discarded.

Now, God said sex should be between two married persons (a husband and his female wife) only. Humanity, one way or the other, is already aware of this. I mean, 'physically', almost every human being has heard of admonitions like "Sex should only be between two married persons". From another angle, 'naturally', nature itself keeps saying there is something wrong with any type of sexual activity that's not between a married husband and his wife. Or, why do, even 'godless people', indulge in premarital or extra-marital sex only behind closed doors? Why won't an atheist woman indulging in extra-marital affairs confidently tell her husband she is having sex with another man? She might not believe in God, but nature is telling her it is wrong.

Sexual Temptation

So, one way or another, everyone knows (either they will admit it or not) that sexual activities outside marriage is wrong. But, why do people keep indulging in illicit sexual activities despite knowing it wrongness and it repercussions? This is where sexual temptation comes in.

Sexual temptations are things/persons/circumstances that are meant to lure people into illicit sexual activities. Due to space, let me break it down this way.

1. Sexual temptations are satanic and purposeful: Scripture says the thief (satan) comes not but to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). The devil hates humans so much and is always desperate to manipulate and get us ruined. He is aware he won't achieve his evil aims except he lures us out of God's Protective Arena and make us go contrary to the Will of God. And so, he put in place his agents (agents of sexual temptations) to lure us into sexual immorality.

2. Sexual temptations comes as traps: A trap will never come łike a trap, hence it would chase potential preys away. Traps instead appears innocent and harmless. Satan's agents of sexual temptations always appear innocent and harmless too. A lady trying to lure a guy into sexual immorality so as to tie his destiny spiritually, will come as an 'innocent' and 'fresh' girl, and the guy will never know she is a devil on a dangerous mission. A guy who want to lure a lady into sex so as to share his HIV with her, will come like a nice guy that meant no harm.

The power of a trap is it secret. Once you know and identify a trap, it loses it power over you. And that's why you must get close to God so He can empower you with the Holy Spirit, who will reveal secrets to you, and show you who people really are.

3. Many humans out there are agents of sexual temptations: Many of those beautiful and handsome people you see out there are tools in the hands of satan. Many humans are not ordinary humans, but are demons in human flesh working directly for satan. They will intentionally do all it takes to make people commit sexual. They intentionally dress indecently to incite illicit sexual desires in people. They have dangerous missions.

Some other persons are unknowingly working for satan. Yes, they don't have demonic powers quite all right, but the manner they dress and their other activities makes people commit sexual sins. If your lifestyle makes people fall into sexual sins, you are working for satan too.

Generally, wisdom demands you shouldn't get too close to everyone you meet in life. Choose friends carefully and prayerfully. Sincerely, many people out there have dangerous missions.

4. Agents of sexual temptations also includes sexual provocative songs, videos, websites, apps, magazines, etc Sincerely, satan has turned so many civilization-birthed innovations into agents of sexual temptations and is using them to lure people into sexual immorality.

Remember, there are a lot of repercussions and pains associated with sexual immoralities. To be sexually chaste, you must overcome the sexual temptations out there that are poised to lure you into immorality and ruin.

Get closer to GOD, ask for His Help, He will Help you too.

By Sunday Akanni Moshood