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Snake Disrupts Robert Mugabe’s Mother-in-law’s Burial. Photos

The burial of Grace Mugabe mother, Mbuya Marufu, was disrupted by a snake as guests including the former Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, moved to safety. A trending video footage posted online shows the moment a speech was interrupted during the burial event which caused panic and unrest among the guests.

Former President Mugabe gave his speech after the snake was killed at the burial of his mother in law, his sons followed proceedings while standing with some villagers raising suspicion the snake belonged to an unnamed family member.

Meanwhile, Grace Mugabe says the family is now free from problems associated with running the country which was a difficult task.

She went on to thank President Mnangagwa for the State assisted funeral for her mother.

Grace also said they are being looked after very well by the current administration contrary to earlier reports that they were under house arrest

Mugabe concluded by declaring his unwavering love for Grace, thanks her for standing by him during hard times.