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Oyinbo Man Marries Nigerian Single Mother Of 4 Beautiful Children (photos)

After having 4 children, Nigerian single mother finds love, oyinbo man proposed to her and she says yes.

As shared with caption...

My childhood, primary and secondary school friend, yes we met at the age of 5 @kateimafidon is ENGAGED oooooo... chairman @mortenf1 just asked her to marry him in far away Toronto where they went for a mini holiday.

Kate is a single parent of 4 beautiful kids but has found love afresh. 
I love and admire her strength and positivity towards pains and disappointments in life. At a young age she lost her husband to cancer, that union produced 2 kids. She stretched her arms at love again the relationship produced another 2 beautiful kids, and it finally ended abruptly with splashes of pain, she was done searching for true love untill l call him Chairman came along. Her life is an inspiring best seller.
She is one of the most selfless and kindest souls alive, too selfless to a fault.

Even with her 4 kids she has found a supportive and loving man, who genuinely loves, adores her and everything she stands for.

l am extremely elated for my friend! In fact, she is more than a friend to me, she is my twin sister from another mother. She is my day one 'Niggaress'. We have been through a lot together, we have been there for each other and we have equally had our disagreements too but the true friendship and love we have for each other strengthens us everyday.

For me, "after a lot of life disappointments and heartbreaks, l don't think anyone is ever ready for love, but when someone makes you feel alive again it's kind of worth the risk." Congrats my darling and sister for life and thank you chairman for making my girl smile again @mortenf1 .
Oslo here l come again
May the big lion of their little kingdom bless their union always,
olabimpe_osheidukind hearted people let's join our supportive hands and contribute with our widows mite to restore the life of this poor girl with an advanced cancer of the eye, please check my page, God bless us all Amen