Saturday, September 08, 2018

Lady Raises Alarm After Suspicious Man Did This To Her Inside A Lagos Bus. Photos

A lady has taken to Facebook to raise an alarm after a man was nabbed while engaging in alleged diabolical acts in a bus in Lagos. According to Saviour Joseph, she boarded a bus to Oshodi, Lagos while on her way to Ogun state, only to be approached by the said man who asked her to give him the book she was about reading in the bus.

After some time, she noticed that the man used a white cloth to clean the book she gave him and when she asked why he did that, the man only smiled and said she wouldn't understand.

The lady revealed that she persisted and urged the man to tell her why he did that or else she would raise an alarm in the bus and notify other passengers after telling him she's a daughter of Zion. 

The lady later told other passengers what happened as they confirmed that the man had done similar thing to them.

The man was held and his bag opened - only for the passengers to discover a powder, anointing oil and some other items which he reportedly said was given to him by his baba.

The man was beaten by some of the passengers who were angered by his act as he left them confused over his motive. No further details were given as to what later happened to him.

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