Monday, September 03, 2018

"If You Have Sex With Many Men, It Will Be Written All Over You" - Beauty Queen Advises Ladies

 Former beauty queen, Hamamat Montia seems to be on a journey of self-discovery as he finds herself in Togo and posts about what people should know about sleeping together.

Notable from her post is her shared belief that sleeping with too many men will make you lose beauty and light.

She wrote:

Since we are talking about fertility dolls today let’s take a moment to look at sex #KingandQueens :
Sex is an important part of life but however do not have it with just anybody .
Why ?
Well because Sex is a spiritual experience it is not just physical .
Sex is the easiest and fastest way to your soul , so don’t just let anyone in .
If you do that you may find yourself loosing your soul . :
A wise African woman said to me once “As a woman , It is not how many times you have sex but how many men you have sex with that makes the difference
If you sleep around with many different it will be written all over you - you will loose your beauty and your light “

This stuck with me throughout my adult life and has guided me .

But it does not seem like everyone on social media agrees with the beauty queen. One user on Twitter, @zanyabby, totally rubbishes Montia's ideas and those who believe in them.

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