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FUNAAB Student Hospitalized After 5000Naira Bet To Drink Bottle Of Gin

A FUNAAB student identified as Hassan Faruk, reportedly consciousness after making a N5k bet with his friend to drink a bottle of gin.

While his current condition remains unknown, it was gathered that the 300 Level Biochemistry student was rushed to the hospital after the incident. Here is a collage of the FUNAAB student below;

Few months ago, it was also reported that a man who woke up from a coma after being found unconscious outside a pub, still does not know how he got there two years later.

Now brain damaged after suffering serious injuries, Jason Fisher is none the wiser as to whether he fell, was hit by a car or was attacked, although the 45-year-old thinks the latter is most likely. He was found outside the Tigers Lair pub, in Hull, East Yorkshire, on January 22, 2016. Ever since he has been attempting to piece together exactly what happened.

“It happened around the time of my birthday, I had not been out on a heavy night but I simply don’t remember anything around that time,” he said.
“In fact from Christmas up until waking up in hospital is a total blank.
“Apparently, I was found outside the Tigers Lair. I’m not sure if any CCTV from the time would shed any light on what happened.
“I might have had a couple of drinks but I don’t think I would have been on a big night out. I was on my own at the time so family and friends cannot help.
“I have no idea whether I was assaulted, fell, was hit by a car or had some kind of aneurysm. My dad thinks the trauma was too great for a fall and it does appear I was attacked.”
Having made a significant recovery, Mr Fisher now feels it is time to try and find out what happened.

“It is not fair on my girlfriend as I just keep asking what happened,” he said.